Performance Metrics

Data analysis and comparison

Analysis for

Carefully collecting, collating, and analyzing your operational and financial data is critical in assisting Dealer Performance Group members in improving business operations and profits. Our Performance Metric report compiles key performance indicators and then organizes the data so that members can easily compare their results month-over-month, and year-over-year. We then compare your data with others in the DPG, and as data from all groups is compiled, we benchmark them so you can compare your results to industry averages and the best in the business.

Regularly reviewed and analyzed, Performance Metric reports provide real insight in the current state of your business, but also market trends in your region and across the country. This insight is invaluable in planning, setting goals, and decision making.

The Performance Metric report collects a complete scope of financial data such as: Cost of Goods Sold; Marketing Expenses; Vehicle Sales; Bad Debts; Financing Income; Interest Expense; Recon Costs; and much more. This data, once compiled and analyzed by you, your moderator, and fellow DPG members will give you a deep understanding of your business efficiencies, strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, the industry averages and benchmark results give you goals that you know are real and achievable.

The report will give you the ability to set goals and hold yourself and your employees accountable for achieving goals, and making adjustments when they are not met.

Your data is proprietary and will not be shared outside your group, nor with an outside vendor, as we compile, process and analyze the data in-house.

Pulling The Critical Data

We have developed a system that makes gathering the data from most DMS’ a simple process. Because the data is standardized, it will make comparing your operations with fellow members, industry averages, and benchmarks meaningful and actionable.

Performance Metric reports will have unique data sets depending on the type of group: BHPH, Retail, and specialty groups for managers, service, collections, and business development. We have developed simple processes for collecting and analyzing the specialty groups as well.



Quickly see your key performance indicators, and compare your results to industry average, fellow group members, industry benchmarks.



Monthly raw data is collated and reviewed, so that you can determine your operational efficacy.



Easily look for trends and anomalies to improve your profitability.



Gather best practices, benchmarks, and market trends from top performing operations.



You’ll know how well your business is doing, but will now have the tools necessary to achieve what you know is possible.



Performance Metric reports will allow you to plan for and set operational targets for the next quarter, next year, and next quarter century, if desired.