Frequently Asked Questions

DPGs are a tool built exclusively for clients of Buckeye Dealership Consulting. Simply put, dealers meet in small groups to share best ideas and practices and successful strategies to improve their business operations. No one wants to share those with a direct competitor, but non-competing dealers have been using this collaborative model for decades with tremendous success. Importantly, we collect, compile, and analyze dealers’ performance metrics and establish individual and group operating targets from the data and your goals. These are used by individual members as road maps to success.

The overarching goals of a DPG is to help dealers increase profitability and cash flow, and improve operational efficiencies. You will be challenged to improve your business operations and net profit at every meeting and throughout the year. Your personal results will be both measurable and actionable and will be an important tool in enhancing your ROI.
We will have groups for all levels of independent dealers whether BHPH or retail, including specialty groups for managers, service, collections, and business development.
Dealers will be placed into groups based on several factors including, the similarity of business model, operational size, policies, procedures, and experience.
Dealer principals should definitely attend as well as employees and decision makers who are responsible for key performance indicators. They will see how, why, and what they do at work affect the business. They will also develop a better perspective on your goals. Meeting prorate expenses will be adjusted by the number of guests that attend.
The meetings occur three times a year, and typically take three to four full days including travel time. Over time, many dealers find that they are spending less time working “in their business,” and more time planning and working “on their business.”
Absolutely, we encourage that. You’ll find you will reach out to other members when you have major decisions to make regarding just about any facet of your business from inventory acquisition, compliance issues, and personnel issues. All groups will have Social Media sites set up so they can share questions, ideas, and suggestions easily among their group. We also encourage dealers to visit other members operations when the opportunity arises.
Travel expenses, hotel accommodations and incidentals are borne by the member. Members will vote on the timing and location for the meetings as well as the meeting budget, so everyone is aware in advance of both the venue and travel costs. All meeting costs such as meeting room rental, group dinners, and beverage breaks, are shared by group members on a prorated basis. In the unlikely event you cannot attend a meeting, you be will charged for your share of the meeting cost prorate.
We will ask you to complete a business profile so we can place you in the best group possible. Once the inaugural groups are formed, new members attend their first meeting as a “member candidate.” The group will vote on your acceptance at that meeting. Non-acceptance of a new member is rare. You will share in all prorated expenses for that meeting.
Our team here is here to help. You can call (330) 531-8699 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, or you can send us an email to [email protected]