The Team Approach Builds Success

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Veteran dealers typically wouldn’t consider asking a dealer who’s only been in business a couple of years for insights on improving their 20-year-old-plus dealership. Fortunately, our consultants, Chuck Bonanno and David Brotherton have decades of experience helping dealers of all sizes in urban and rural locations and with new or mature operations.

They have gained valuable insights from dealers with decades of experience and from new operators. Importantly, they have also gained important information from the dealerships’ team members. If a solution to a problem results in increased net profit or a smoother operation, it doesn’t matter who had it. Bringing that knowledge to bear on a client’s processes has tremendous value, something our consultants can bring directly to dealership owners/operators, managers, sales, collections, and service personnel. 

Staff training is invaluable in improving operational efficiencies and net profit, and it helps with team building. Having all team members understand the business challenges, opportunities, goals, and strategies can help the team achieve them by identifying employee concerns, choke points, roadblocks, new ideas and solutions. 

Chuck and David encourage team members to be open, honest, and respectful in sharing praise, criticism, challenges, opportunities, and solutions. They can share successful strategies from others and help clients develop their own. Open up to new possibilities, and contact us today for an on-site visit from the nation’s most expert independent dealer consultants. CALL 330-531-8699.

They provide expert advice and insights into:

• Capitalization and Capital Requirements
• Business Planning
• Inventory Acquisition, Sales and Marketing
• Warranty and Service Contract Reinsurance 
• Fixed Operations
• In-House and Customer Pay Service
• Collections
• Legal and Regulatory Compliance Insights
• Business Succession and Exit Strategies