Make Sure Your Watch Keeps Good Time

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“Why would I pay money to a consultant that will come here, look at my watch, and tell me what time it is?”

That’s the old adage, and our Dealer Performance Group Onsite Consultants have literally heard it directly from a thousand independent dealer owner/operators. Yes, Chuck Bonanno and David Brotherton, who have decades of one-on-one experience with dealers across the country, have looked at many watches — thousands of them. They have seen Casios, Timex’, and Rolexes, and have repaired, replaced, and polished all of them. 

They’ve run their own successful businesses, and worked with hundreds of dealers and thousands of personnel to improve their operational efficiencies resulting in significant increases in net profits. They’ve helped dealers build better time pieces.

While every dealership is different — size, location, personnel, years in business — their direct involvement in successfully helping dealers set and achieve their goals has resulted in a wealth of knowledge. They have seen what has worked — and, importantly, what has failed. They share those experiences and pass them along to dealership owners, managers, sales, collections, and service personnel to determine what is working, and what can be achieved by sharing real-world operational benchmarks.

Don’t waste time, contact us today for an on-site visit from the nation’s most expert independent dealer consultants. CALL 330-531-8699.

They provide expert advice and insights into:

  • Capitalization and Capital Requirements
  • Business Planning
  • Inventory Acquisition, Sales and Marketing
  • Warranty and Service Contract Reinsurance 
  • Fixed Operations
  • In-House and Customer Pay Service
  • Collections
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance Insights
  • Business Succession and Exit Strategies